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john YovichDr John Yovich graduated in Medicine at the University of Western Australia in 1970, progressing into specialist O&G practice in 1976. Thereafter Dr Yovich presented his MD thesis "Human pregnancies achieved by In-Vitro Fertilisation" following laboratory research and clinical work undertaken with Professor Ian Craft at the Royal Free Hospital in London (1976-1980). This thesis and more than 200 other publications from the early years can be found online in Research Gate, the scientific online network. He returned to his home town of
Perth, Western Australia in 1980 and established PIVET Medical Centre, the first private independent fertility management facility in Australia. His first IVF "child" was born in 1982 and that young man has demonstrated perfectly normal fertility, generating a healthy daughter followed by a healthy son. Dr Yovich was president of the Fertility Society of Australia in 1986-7 when a national accreditation system was established for Australia, subsequently embracing New Zealand and generating the highly esteemed annual ANZARD reports.

Dr Yovich assisted many IVF units establish in various countries during the 1980's, particularly in Greece, Malaysia and Japan and recently established another successful IVF unit in Cairns, far north Queensland. Dr Yovich is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences with research focused on receptors for GH and BMP's. Recent publications have focused on the safe application of controlled ovarian stimulation, the use of adjuvants, particularly growth hormone for poor prognosis cases and the development of algorithms to ensure safe and efficient treatment models. He has introduced the term "productivity rate" which better reflects the contribution of cryopreserved embryos to live-birth data.