Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Current state of the ART


    • Introduction of NIPT in clinical practice
      Dick Oepkes,  The Netherlands  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • NIPT/MPSS: Expanding the boundaries of prenatal screening
      Lee Shulman, USA  |  Lecture  |  BIO

    • Debate : How should NIPT be used
      Moderator: Dick Oepkes, The Netherlands  
      As primary screening to all patients: Tom Musci, USA  
      As contingent screening in very high and intermediate risk patients Howard Cuckle, USA/Israel  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • The placenta as a source for NIPT Discordance
      Francesca Romana Grati, Italy  |  Lecture  |  BIO


Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Future Perspectives


    • Will the Fetal Exome Contribute to the Counseling and Management of the Dysmorphic or Malformed Fetus?
      Lyn Chitty, UK  |  Lecture  |  BIO


Chromosomal microarrays (CMA) in Prenatal Diagnosis


    • Chromosomal microarrays - How does it work?
      Vincenzo Cirigliano, Spain  |  Lecture  |  BIO

    • Can CMA replace standard karyotyping?
      Francesco Fiorentino, Italy  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Counseling for Variants of Unclear Clinical Significance
      Brigitte Faas, The Netherlands  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Detection of Copy number variants (CNVs) in prenatal diagnosis
      Francesca Romana Grati, Italy  |  Lecture  |  BIO