Introduction to Genetics


    • Basic principles for the non-geneticist
      Brigitte Faas,  The Netherlands  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Next generation sequencing: Strategies for genetic testing
      Mark Hughes, USA  |  Lecture  |  BIO  


Prediction of Gamete quality and viability


    • Cumulus cell genomics and its predictive value
      Samir Hamamah,  France |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Update on polar body testing for detection of female meiotic errors
      Alan Handyside, UK  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview


Genetics in infertility


    • Characterization of the molecular etiology of severe cases of infertility - a must to bring personalized medicine to the field of reproduction
      Pierre Ray,  France |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Gene therapy in reproductive medicine
      Gregory Christman, USA |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview