Human Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Using Adult Cells
Cell Stem Cell, Vol. 14, Issue 6, p777–780, 2014
Young Gie Chung, Jin Hee Eum, Jeoung Eun Lee, Sung Han Shim, Vicken Sepilian, Seung Wook Hong, Yumie Lee, Nathan R. Treff, Choi YH, Kimbrel EA, Dittman RE, Lanza R, Lee DR


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Shung et al. show that recently developed technology that enables human SCNT reprogramming from embryonic cells is also effective with donor cells from adults, enhancing the therapeutic potential of this approach.
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Derivation of patient-specific human pluripotent stem cells via somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has the potential for applications in a range of therapeutic contexts. However, successful SCNT with human cells has proved challenging to achieve, and thus far has only been reported with fetal or infant somatic cells. In this study, we describe the application of a recently developed methodology for the generation of human ESCs via SCNT using dermal fibroblasts from 35- and 75-year-old males. Our study therefore demonstrates the applicability of SCNT for adult human cells and supports further investigation of SCNT as a strategy for regenerative medicine
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