Appropriate Crypt Formation in the Uterus for Embryo Homing and Implantation Requires Wnt5a-ROR Signaling
Cell Reports, Vol. 8, Issue 2, p382–392, 2014
Jeeyeon Cha, Amanda Bartos, Craig Park, Xiaofei Sun, Yingju Li, Sang-Wook Cha, Rieko Ajima, Hsin-Yi Henry Ho, and others


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Mouse embryos implant within a crypt (implantation chamber) along the antimesometrial (AM) pole in the uterus. Cha et al. now show that dysregulated Wnt5a-ROR signaling disrupts the orientation of epithelial projections from the main uterine lumen required for crypt formation, embryo homing, and implantation. These early abnormalities subsequently lead to defective events later in pregnancy, including decidualization and placentation, resulting in infertility or severe subfertility.
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Embryo homing and implantation occur within a crypt (implantation chamber) at the antimesometrial (AM) pole along the uterus. The mechanism by which this is achieved is not known. Here, we show that villi-like epithelial projections from the main uterine lumen toward the AM pole at regularly spaced intervals that form crypts for embryo implantation were disrupted in mice with uterine loss or gain of function of Wnt5a, or loss of function of both Ror1 and Ror2. This disruption of Wnt5a-ROR signaling resulted in disorderly epithelial projections, crypt formation, embryo spacing, and impaired implantation. These early disturbances under abnormal Wnt5a-ROR signaling were reflected in adverse late pregnancy events, including defective decidualization and placentation, ultimately leading to compromised pregnancy outcomes. This study presents deeper insight regarding the formation of organized epithelial projections for crypt formation and embryo implantation for pregnancy success.
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