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GnRH Agonist vs. hCG for Triggering of Ovulation – Differential Effects on Gene Expression in Human Granulosa Cells
PLoS One. 2014 Mar 6;9(3)
Jigal Haas, Libby Ophir, Eran Barzilay, Gil M. Yerushalmi, Yuval Yung, Alon Kedem, Ettie Maman, Ariel Hourvitz


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To investigate the mRNA expression of genes related to steroidogenesis and OHSS in granulosa cells (GCs) of patients triggered with GnRH agonist compared to patients triggered with hCG.
Mural GCs were obtained at the time of oocyte retrieval and gene expression was analyzed using quantitative real time RT-PCR.
Single center, case control study.
24 women who were treated with GnRH agonist or hCG for triggering of ovulation.
GC collection.
Main outcome measure(s):
The expression of genes related to steroidogenesis and OHSS in mural GCs.
The fertilization rate was similar in the two groups. The mRNA expression of CYP19A1 (0.50 vs 1, arbitrary unit), CYP11A1 (0.6 vs. 1) and 3 beta hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase (0.39 vs 1) was significantly lower in the GnRH group. The expression of VEGF (0.74 vs. 1) and inhibin β B (0.38 vs 1) was lower in the GnRH analog triggered group.
Expression of genes related to steroidogenesis is lower at the time of oocyte retrieval in patients triggered with GnRH agonist. The decreased expression of VEGF and inhibin β B in the GnRH agonist group can explain the mechanism of early OHSS prevention.
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