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Kisspeptin: a novel physiological trigger for oocyte maturation in in-vitro fertilisation treatment
The Lancet, Volume 383, Page S17, 26 February 2014
Dr Ali Abbara MRCP, Channa Jayasena PhD, Alexander Comninos MRCP, Monica Nijher PhD, Georgios Christopoulos MRCOG, Chioma Izzi-Engbeaya MRCP, Mathini Sridharan MBBS, Shankunthala Narayanaswamy MRCP, Prof Deborah Ashby PhD, Prof Mohammad Ghatei PhD, Prof Stephen Bloom FRCP, Anna Carby MRCOG, Geoffrey Trew MRCOG, Prof Waljit Dhillo FRCP PhD


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The results of this study suggest, for the first time, to our knowledge, that kisspeptin induces oocyte maturation in women undergoing IVF treatment. Kisspeptin might therefore offer a novel therapeutic option for fertility treatment. This small pilot study provides proof of concept that kisspeptin can stimulate oocyte maturation in women undergoing IVF treatment. Further work is now underway in a larger number of patients to determine the optimum protocol for kisspeptin administration to induce oocyte maturation in a population at high risk of OHSS.
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