Results: Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicular count (AFC)


Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicular count (AFC) are two potential markers of ovarian reserve. AMH produced by granulosa cells in ovarian follicles, and AFC, the number of small follicles measured by ultrasound during the early follicular phase, are thought to reflect ovarian reserve.

There seems to be a correlation between both AMH levels and AFC and the number of oocytes retrieved and the cancellation rates after controlled ovarian stimulation. There is still controversy regarding the usefulness of these markers to predict pregnancy and live birth rates. The purpose of this survey is to learn how often and in which manner these markers are being used, and what professionals think about the necessity of these tests.

The Anti -Mullerian hormone (AMH) and antral follicular count (AFC) IVF-Worldwide Survey conducted by was intended to capture current clinical practices.

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Survey results 

Qestion: Have the majority of patients visiting your IVF clinic already undergone endocrine function testing ?

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Question: Would you consider AMH testing a first- or second-line test ?

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Question: Would you change your stimulation protocol based on AMH results?

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Question: Do you consider AFC testing mandatory in your practice?

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Question: Do you routinely document the AFC in your patients' charts?

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Question: When do you measure the AFC ?

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Question: Would you change your stimulation protocol based on AFC results ?

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Question: What is your AFC cut-off level for poor responders ?

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Question: What size of follicles (in mm) would you include in the AFC ?

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Question: How relevant do you consider the use of AMH testing in you routine/practice ?

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Question: If the AMH test was available in your clinic at no cost, would you use it routinely ?

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Question: If you had to choose one of the factors listed below, which would serve you best in assigning the starting gonadotropin dose ?

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Question: Which test do you think is best for evaluating ovarian reserve ?

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Question: In your opinion, what is the best use of AMH ?

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Question: In your opinion, which is the best predictor of hyper-response to ovarian induction ?

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Question: What do you think is the best predictor of ongoing pregnancy rate ?

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