Prof. Yuval Yaron | President

Prof. Yuval Yaron Director, Prenatal Diagnosis Unit, Genetic Institute Director, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Laboratory Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel.
Education and Training
1981-1988 Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel - Medical School
1989-1995 Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel – Residency in Ob/Gyn
1989-1992 Tel Aviv University, Postgraduate Courses in Ob/Gyn
1995-1997 Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, Fellowship in Medical Genetics Appointments
2000-2005 Tel Aviv University, Department of Ob/Gyn - Senior Lecturer
2001-2006 Secretary, Israeli Society of Medical Geneticists
2005-date Tel Aviv University, Department of Ob/Gyn - Associate Professor Diplomas 1990 Medical Diploma, Magna Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University. 1992 Certificate - Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA 1995 Specialist Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Israel 1995 Clinical Academic License - Michigan Board of Commerce, MI, USA 1997 Michigan Medical License - Michigan Board of Commerce, MI, USA 1997 Specialist Diploma in Clinical Genetics, Israel 2000 Certificate - American Board of Medical Genetics 2003 GCP Certificate Association of Clinical Research Professionals Membership in Professional Societies 1988 Israel Medical Association. 1991 Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1992 Israel Fertility Society. 1997 Israeli Society of Medical Genetics 2008 International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis Publications: Over 150 peer-reviewed papers, 20 chapters in books

Prof. | Zeev Shoham | Israel

Professor Zeev Shoham serves as the head of the Fertility and IVF Unit at the Kaplan Medical center in Rehovot, Israel.
Professor Shoham was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He received his M.D. degree from the Hadassah Medical Center in 1981. Later completing, his residency at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, and his fellowship in infertility and in vitro fertilization ​​at Tel - Hashomer Hospital and MIDDLESEX Hospital in London, UK. Since 1988 he has specialized in a wide range of treatments including:
Fertility treatments, in vitro fertilization, oocyte retrieval preservation and freezing, donor eggs and sperm, care for women during pregnancy and follow-up and treatment of postmenopausal women.
In 1991 Prof. Shoham received an award from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology for the best scientific research that year in Europe for his work on stimulating sperm production by adding GH to treatment with gonadotropins in patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
Professor Shoham has published over 140 papers in the field of Reproductive Medicine, and his publications had won international awards. In addition, he has contributed chapters to numerous books. He is the editor/ author of the textbook, Female Infertility Therapy: Current Practice (1999), and one of the four editors of the textbook, Assisted Reproductive Techniques, which is at its fourth edition.
Professor Shoham is the co-founder of IVF-Worldwide the most comprehensive website on in-vitro fertilization. Professor Shoham has been organizing internationals medical conferences for the past 18 years and is a lecturer in many conferences in the field.

Prof. |Simon Fishel | UK

Simon Fishel is the Founder and President of the CARE Fertility Group, following 18 years as its CEO. He has worked in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology/Assisted Conception for over 30 years and was part of the original pioneering IVF team with Steptoe and Edwards that produced the World first IVF ("Test tube") baby. Simon has published over 200 academic papers, four books in the IVF field, established numerous clinics worldwide and was the first to introduce IVF to China in the 1980's as part of a WHO initiative. His research career began at the University of Cambridge, where he worked for several years with Professor Robert Edwards prior to the birth of Louise Brown, in 1978. During this time Dr Fishel was the first to demonstrate that the embryo 'communicates' with its environment; and, later, was the first to publish on the synthesis and secretion of HCG by the human embryo. In 1978 he was appointed a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, became a Cambridge University Lecturer and was awarded the prestigious Beit Memorial Fellowship. In 1980 he became Deputy Scientific Director at the world's first "test tube baby clinic", working with Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe until 1985 when he moved to Nottingham. During the mid to late 1980's Simon was responsible for developing techniques for micromanipulation in ART, leading to the first published birth with sperm microinjection, in 1990; a technology that was the forerunner to what is now the well-established ICSI technique. Professor Fishel is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and an internationally acclaimed IVF scientist; having received many honorary awards from countries such as Japan, Austria, Italy, South Africa and the US, amongst others. In 1992 he founded the World first degree course in IVF and ART, and he has advised several international Government committees reviewing policy and legislation on IVF, including advisors to the Vatican. He was awarded a Personal Professorial Chair in Human Reproduction at the University of Nottingham before establishing the CARE Fertility Group in 1997. More recently Simon has been instrumental in driving the first real time array CGH program in IVF that resulted in the first successful use of egg or embryo chromosome evaluation in 2009, which is now used worldwide, and more recently CAREmaps – the pioneering breakthrough involving time-lapse imaging algorithms. Simon is on the board and reviewer for several international journals, a Patron of numerous organizations, held several advisory roles for the HFEA, and in 2009 was honoured by Liverpool John Moores University with their highest award of 'University Fellow' for "outstanding contribution to science and to humanity".

Prof. | Milton Leong | China

Prof. Milton Ka Hong Leong was brought up in Hong Kong, finished his basic school years, and then went to attend McGill University in Montreal Canada. He did Honours Biochemistry as an undergraduate, and then Medical School. Further postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynecology followed, and he obtained his specialists degree in 1974. He then went to London on a McLaughlin Fellowship granted by the Canadian Royal College where he studied under Professors Richard Beard and Stuart Campbell. Returning to Montreal, he joined the McGill University Department as academic staff, and was active in teaching and also headed the High Risk Obstetric Unit.
In 1979 Prof. Leong returned to Hong Kong and engaged in private practice. Seeing a need at that time, he started to concentrate in the study and treatment of Infertility. He set up the IVF Centre at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, a private hospital, in joint venture form, and with his partner Dr Clement Leung, they built it up to be one of the most successful IVF clinics in Asia and the world. He "made" and delivered the first IVF baby in Hong Kong in 1985,and in the last 20 years had researched, published, and taught the art and science of infertility and the assisted reproductive techniques.
Prof. Leong is a member of the various reproductive medicine societies, and various international committees. He lecture widely, and still plays an active academic role, and remains to be an Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in McGill University. His current interest is how to provide the optimal treatment for infertile patients using a patient orientated, more holistic approach.