History of PGD and PGS


    • A Brief History of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Preimplantation Genetic Screening
      Jason Franasiak, USA
      Richard T. Scott, Jr, USA |  Read More


PGD and PGS: State-of-the-Art


    • Development and current best practice for translocations
      Francesco Fiorentino, Italy  |  Lecture  |  BIO

    • Single gene diagnosis and aneuploidy detection using karyomapping
      Tony Gordon, UK  |  Lecture  |  BIO

    • Clinically evaluating NGS and its extra information
      Dagan Wells, UK  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview


The clinical value of Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)


    • Comprehensive Chromosome Screening in IVF: Enhancing Outcomes while reducing the Burden of Care
      Jason Franasiak, USA  |  Lecture  |  BIO

    • Aneuploidy in embryos: variability between centers, between patients and between cycles of the same patients
      Santiago Munné, USA  |  Lecture  |  BIO    |  Overview

    • Technical aspects of reproductive genetics (Methods of PGS, PGD, Prenatal)
      Darren Griffin, UK  |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview

    • Debate: Is it now unethical not to screen out an aneuploidy embryo in IVF?
      For: Gabriel Lazarin, Germany 
      Against: Sjoerd Repping, The Netherlands |  Lecture  |  BIO  |  Overview