The religious of the old indo-European population, and the predominant religion of nowadays India,  part of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Seri-Lanka, Nepal and Sikkim, and also communities in other parts of the world. The religion is based in the teachings of the sacred Vedas. However, Hindu believes cover a large range of religious ideologies and philosophic systems starting with polytheism, atheism, pantheism and monotheism. People believe in reincarnation and karma as well as in human's personal duty called dharma. Hinduism has no single book as the Bible, which serves as the source of its doctrine, but it has many writings, all of which have contributed to its fundamental beliefs. Hinduism teaches that the soul never dies. Regarding fertility, the emphasis on reproduction is not just to on having children, but on having a male offspring.

Assisted reproductive technologies are acceptable. The most important condition is that the egg and sperm is from legally married couple. Nevertheless, he Hindus practice sperm donation with a restriction that the sperm donor has to be a close relative of the husband.

In practice, Artificial inseminations of donor and oocyte and embryo donation are performed with an anonymous donor.

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